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Crystals & Hand-Crafted Creations

On this page you will find samples and descriptions of some of the amazing items Joanne makes available to her clients for healing and well-being.  You are invited to visit Joanne in person either at her home in Victoria, British Columbia. Whether in person or long-distance, Joanne is always happy to share her extensive knowledge of Mother Nature's healing tools with you!

Joanne has an amazing collection of rare and unique crystals and minerals and amazing jewellery available, and she will also create custom shaman necklaces for you or your loved ones.  If she does not have what you're looking for already in her collection, Joanne is able to obtain most crystals and minerals for special orders and creations.

"One of my soul's purposes is to assist crystals in reaching their rightful places where they can do the most good."   - Joanne Eve

Crystals  |  Wands  |  Shaman Jewelry  |  Pouches  |  Kidney Belts  |  Candles

Crystals, Stones, Fossils & Minerals
Joanne's ever-changing collection of earth treasures is simply too large to adequately describe or detail on one page.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Joanne to arrange a viewing - if she doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, she will be happy to find it for you!

Crystal Healing Wands
Joanne creates each of these beautiful and powerful wands by hand according to the unique vibrations of each crowning crystal.  Each crowning crystal is held within a copper base or rod, then wrapped securely with leather and finished with a magical touch of color.  As you shake the wand, amethyst pieces within the wand will charge the crowning crystal.

These sacred healing tools have been blessed inside with oils for abundance and release, bringing blessings to their new keepers.  Joanne always blesses each wand specifically before it is shipped to its rightful keeper - true healing wands must be made in this fashion to work properly.  The copper pipe or rod conducts energy, which charges and amplifies the power of the crystal crowning the wand.  Leather wrapped around the rod insulates so the channelled energy runs directly to the crystal.

Wands are wonderful channeling tools and can be used for abundant and infinite healing purposes.  In pointing the wand it will focus energy and your intention directly to a person or situation that needs healing or activation.  These wands balance the body's energies and assist in maintaining overall physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Crystals choose their keepers and we never really own them as we might like to think.  They support and assist healing in the most profound ways and energetically change our body's frequencies to best match the most appropriate healing patterns.  Joanne can also build any wand customized to your specific needs by order and/or using your special crystal.

Contact Joanne directly to custom-design the wand that is right for you!

Shaman Jewelry
Mother Earth has provided us with an abundance of healing tools, from sacred crystals and minerals to fossils, seashells and amber-encased jewels.  Joanne uses all of these and more to create custom amulets for you to wear for protection, healing and spiritual well-being.  Each special piece Joanne creates is crafted by hand according to the unique energies associated with its components.

Joanne would love to create a unique piece just for you based on your specific needs and energy. 

Medicine & Gem Pouches
Stones have healing energy, a gift from this planet; carry them with you in support of your personal journey to help balance, ground and strengthen your spirit.

The medicine pouch is an ancient concept used throughout the world for healing, protection and well-being.  The keeper may fill their pouch with herbs, crystals, inspirational notes or any other items that may facilitate the keeper's desired health or spiritual goal.

Joanne's medicine pouches come in various sizes, colors and materials.  Some pouches are crochetted or knitted, while others are sewn leather or fabric.  To see a full range of Joanne's medicine and gem pouches, please contact her.

Kidney Belts
Anyone who suffers from bladder problems, or weakness in the kidney, liver or spleen will greatly benefit from wearing one of these amazing belts.  When the vital organs are chilled, all kinds of ill symptoms develop, the warming kidney belt will protect you from this effect.

Joanne's kidney belts are made of soft washable fabric, are 6" in depth and can be made to fit anyone.  These comfortable belts are worn under clothing and greatly improve kidney, liver and spleen warmth and circulation, resulting in improved health and well-being.

Hand-Made Beeswax Candles
These beeswax candles are beautifully handcrafted to brighten any room - even when they're not lit! Candles can be ordered to match your color specifications in solid colors, combined colors and with or without glitter. Small candles last 4 to 5 hours and the large ones burn for 10 to 14 hours.

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