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Clairvoyant, Psychic, Palm and Tarot Readings

With a lifetime of experience, Joanne Eve Fraelic is one of Victoria's best known and respected psychics, clairvoyants and healers.  Whether in person or long distance, Joanne's readings are in-depth, personal and empowering.

an outdoor reading by Joanne "I work everyday with people from around the world at a very healing and honouring level, I love what I do and believe deeply in helping people by using the gifts I've been blessed with."

Joanne is available for individual and group readings year-round and world-wide in person, by telephone, by post and by email.  Depending on the client and specific conditions, Joanne may utilize palmistry, tarot cards and/or crystals for your reading.  In the case of long-distance readings, Joanne will generally request a photo of you and your palms.

Psychic Parties
Over the years, Joanne has found one of her most popular services to be group readings.  From an intimate gathering of family and friends to an office party - make your event a memorable one with a visit from Joanne!

palm readings Joanne discovered she possessed the ancient gift of palmistry as she reached out to a dear friend in need and provided her with powerful insights to immediate decisions she needed to make in her life.  This experience touched Joanne's heart deeply, awakened her amazing psychic and spiritual gifts and launched her career as a psychic and healer, enabling Joanne to do what she loves most... help people!  As a gifted palm reader, Joanne is able to delve into a client's past, present and future in great detail to reveal answers relating to relationships, children, health, business, past lives, personal, spiritual and psychic gifts, and much more.

Dating back to 15th century Italy, tarot cards have been used by people the world over to help divine answers and insight.  Today there are many different tarot decks available to card readers, allowing an extremely personal and unique reading for each client.  Joanne will choose a deck and a reading to suit your specific needs and personality.

Joanne uses very rare and sacred crystals during her readings to accurately define blocks and barriers in clients' lives, divine answers barried deep and assist in her healing arts.  Joanne also makes her crystals available to her clients to take home to assist with ongoing healing, protection and more.  To learn more about the crystals and healing tools in Joanne's collection for you to purchase, please click here.

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