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Testimonials & Thanks From Joanne's Clients

"Thank you so much for the reading, it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time to help re-enforce what I am going through personally and professionally.  I knew the minute I met you that you have an incredibly kind heart, probably the kindest I have ever met.  Being able to share that experience with my friend who came with me, made it even more special.  I have made some huge changes in my life since I met you and have found that things are lining up and happening quickly since then.  I have tried hard to use the suggestions you made to me despite some of the pain that has come along with using them.  Never the less they still needed to be done.  I look forward to sitting down with you again.  You have a amazing talent and I appreciate you sharing it with me.  I will let you know when I am back in Victoria and have time to visit.
Ryan in Vancouver, BC | April 2009

"Joanne, you recently did a reading for a dear friend of mine; I spoke to her a couple of times today, and I can tell that your work with her has helped a great deal.  Her outlook for the future and her overall demeanor are steadily improving.  From my experience I know that the work you do can be like a seed planted in the soul that continues to grow even if you are not fully conscious of it.  My feeling has been that you are a true healer and that all your work helps to catalyze soul growth.  A friend of yours who first referred me to you once told me you were, "an exceptionally talented healer" and my recent experience has confirmed this!"
Benjamin in Moro Bay, CA | October 2007

"You have a genuine gift of properly framing the issue and going straight to the spiritual heart of the issue.  I wish that all Light Workers had your gift and your courage.  Light and love."
John B. in Montana | June 2007

"Joanne has an incredibly warm and loving presence which made me feel very supported.  She was very accurate, and aided me in gaining clarity so that I could understand the events unfolding in my life on a whole new level.  I left her feeling more open and balanced, and more solidly committed to my life's path.  Thank you for everything!"
Danika in Sooke, BC | February 2007

"Joanne is like a mother to all.  Her gifts, wisdom and support make such an impact to so many peoples lives, not only is she on the mark psychically, she is at the same time so down to earth and realistic.  I am grateful to have met her and respect her insight very much!"
Carly in Comox, BC | January 2007

"Joanne has been my spiritual guide for many years.  I always turn to her whenever I need to make a major life decision or whether I just want to confirm that I am on my right path.  Her light and gentle guidance has been invaluable to me and I can always rely on her accurate feedback.  She has been supportive, kind and honest and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is willing to trust in her and her talent."
Nadine in Vancouver, BC | April 2006

"I enjoyed our reading very much however I did not believe a word you shared especially when nothing happen as I played the tape over and over again for months to see if I missed something which I finally found out I did, let me explain.  Ten months later after the reading I had with you, everything you said has exactly come true as you stated this year and it all happen very quickly: the man in my life now who is my destiny soul mate and I will be marrying soon; my new job and what I am doing which at the time you shared was nothing of what I went to college for so there was no way I was going to have this kind of job, I am doing the exact work you mentioned; and even my home which you said I would be moving to this (city) and I am here now where my future husband lives.  I am planning on a reading with you in a few weeks and just wanted to forward this email to say that you are truly special beyond all words of gratitude and thanks I could ever share."
Janice | March 2006

"My mother-in-law came to visit you while holidaying in Canada and asked you to help her locate her missing pearls.  You visualized a walk-in robe and that the pearls appeared to be low near the floor.  In my husband's old bedroom in my mother-in-law's house next to the wardrobe there is a basket on the floor with magazines, and stuffed between the magazines where the PEARLS!!! Thank-you for your help, you did indeed locate the missing pearls, which have been a mystery for quite some time.  Many thanks!"
Deidrie Ann in Arizona | September 2001

"I experienced an internal burn one year ago from prescribed medication and have been unable to eat anything without choking.  My husband bought me an Amulet for health and the recovery has been swift and dramatic.  I highly recommend Amulets for immediate relief of overwhelming problems!"
Margaret H. in Arizona | September 2001

"Joanne is very enlightened and loving and has so much to offer the universe.  Truly working for the 'good' of us all.  I highly recommend her to all of my friends."
Cathy in Shawnigan Lake, BC | January 2001

"Your website is awesome and I am so excited that you have gone GLOBAL.  You are very gifted.  Whenever I have spoken with Joanne, my life has changed for the positive."
Bernice S. in Wabasca, AB, | January 2001

"Joanne honestly is gifted and has amazing talent.  My reading was 100% accurate."
Donna C. | December 2000

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