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Vancouver Island Vortex Tours

Joanne would love to show you the most magical, mystical and spiritual sights on British Columbia's beautiful Vancouver Island, including a very special series of vortex points running from Victoria to Port Renfrew.

See and touch some of the rarest psychic art treasures in the world as part of a one-day guided adventure to some of the most powerful energy points on Vancouver Island.  You will see a living vortex in action, feel the energy flow and learn to see the signs of a vortex point (including seeing balls of light travel to and from the portals at certain times).  Visit First Nations villages, sea caves and vision quest sights; bathe in healing hot springs, walk in ancient forests, and see desolate mystic beaches.

The tour includes lunch at Point No Point Resort to watch wildlife such as eagles and orcas, then off to a powerful form of Chenrazi protecting the Island's famous giant stone Buddha (carved by nature alone!)

Please contact Joanne with details of your spiritual journey and she will create your very own personal tour!

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